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About Arachnotrax

We are a Design Company that Designs products for the Automotive Industry. We presently have a "Patented (U. S. Patent No. 8,439,096)" device we call ArachnoTrax.

The alternative to Tire Chains.

When the weather calls for it, i.e. when there is snow or ice on the roads, the driver will be able to activate ArachnoTrax by remote control from the inside of the vehicle. There will be no need for the driver to leave the warmth and safety of the interior of the vehicle as other traction devices on the market today force the driver to do.

This Vehicle Traction Device will revolutionize how people will drive on snow, ice, or any conditions that require more aggressive traction than the tires of the vehicle provide. ArachnoTrax will improve safety and convenience.

ArachnoTrax is a device that will attach to your vehicle’s wheels by means of an adaptor and will be able to remain there for the duration of the winter season. The device will look like a hubcap on the wheel of the vehicle. The ArachnoTrax device can also be incorporated or combined into aftermarket or OEM vehicle wheels. That is the ArachnoTrax device will be part of the wheel itself.

We are looking for partners to bring ArachnoTrax to market.If you are interested please contact us at. or at 414-640-9244.
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